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Answers to frequently asked questions

Where to begin?

In order to start using our service, you only need a couple of simple steps:

  • Register in your personal account on our website.
  • After registration, you will be able to conclude a contract for the provision of services.


Then download and install the MELON player from your personal account. After successful installation, a shortcut will appear on your desktop to launch the program. As soon as you start the player, it will automatically start playing the playlist you selected.

You can customize the playlist to your liking. In your personal account, in the "My Selection" section, you can change the playlist settings, add and delete tracks, create your own music collections.

Do I need a contract with the copyright society?

No, you don't need it. We make the necessary contributions to the AMANAT Society ( It is enough for you to conclude a contract only with us.

Is it possible to connect several establishments to one personal account?

It is necessary to register a separate personal account for each institution.

What is necessary to use the service?

To connect to our service, you need a Windows computer or an Android tablet, as well as the Internet.

How do I set up background music for an institution?

You set up background music in your personal account in the My Schedule section. in this section you will be presented with a list of all background modes that are available in the service. In front of each background there are three icons (morning, afternoon and evening) with which you choose what time of day you need to set a particular playlist. It will automatically appear in the table of selected backgrounds.

What kind of SUPERPOWERS?

We provide our customers with additional features:

  1. Audio branding
  2. Music editor services
  3. Individual conditions for recording audio clips
  4. Provision of a personal manager
  5. An application for guests of cafes, bars and restaurants to order music
  6. A mapping service where your business will be marked

More details

How can guests order music in my establishment?

To order songs in the institution, guests use their smartphone. They need to go to Google Play or the App Store and download the MELON app. After that, through this application, they select your institution on the map and connect to it. They choose a song that they want to listen to and carry out the order. The background music smoothly transitions into the guest's order, as soon as the guest's order is played, the background music returns again. Everything is automated.

How much do guest credits cost?

18 credits - 500₸
40 credits - 1000₸
64 credits - 1500₸
88 credits - 2000₸
134 credits - 3000₸

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