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Playlists for hotel and hotel

  • More than 130 professionally composed musical selections to create a unique atmosphere in the bar
  • All compositions are aligned by volume level and have a smooth transition between tracks
  • We use only modern and popular music content
Light music
Background music for hotels

Background music for hotels

The main purpose of music for the hotel business is to create a cozy atmosphere and high spirits, both among guests and staff. Experts recommend giving preference to instrumental music (piano, violin), Italian, French, Spanish lyrical melodies, soundtracks from famous romantic movies, instrumental solos, because such compositions make people forget about problems.

Custom playlists

Custom playlists

Our clients get access to a huge library of music and can create personalized playlists by combining live music and background sounds. Harmony and individuality become the hallmark of your institution.

Professional service

Professional service

We provide full service - from advice on the choice of music to the installation of equipment. We pay special attention to every detail to provide an unsurpassed soundtrack for your hotel or hotel.

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